Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Common Market

Today was my only evening off all week, so I had a list of errands to run... bookstore, groceries, check the price of something at the bicycle shop, pick up something from ALS headquarters, etc.  On my loop, I stopped at a natural food store, the Common Market.  This store is actually the public face of a Famers Coop, but to my knowledge, does not require a membership to purchase items.

I spent a good deal of time walking around the store... lots of good foods, a great big bulk food section, a decent, albeit small, fresh foods section.  Overall, I was quite impressed, although I did feel a bit overwhelmed.  I thought I knew "healthy" but I barely recognized any of the items in that store.. I almost needed a tour just to figure out where things were!

I did notice that prices weren't the best, though.  Not that I buy Soy Milk, but for whatever reason, I remembered how much it cost at my local grocery store - and it was easily a buck more at the Common Market.  Might have to keep that in mind if I continue to shop there... or maybe I only buy the seeds and granola and things I can't get elsewhere from them.  We'll see...

One irony of this event... the whole store is based on being green (they reuse the container you get your olive oil in, which is poured from a bulk container...), being environmentally friendly, doing what's right for the earth, bla bla bla... I don't mean to downplay all of this, because I, too, believe in *most* of it.  Until I walked outside, and saw truck after truck, SUV after gas-guzzling-SUV, lined up in their parking lot.  Yeah.  Real "green".

But it made for an interesting outing...

EDITED:  I almsot forgot!  Well, ok, I *DID* forget, but then I remembered... anyways, I went to Borders on my jaunt this evening, and in the front bin of "clearance" books, low and behold what I found!

Three of the Top Chef Cookbooks - all for under $15!!  Of course, I scooped them up immediately.  Not a huge fan of the show, but the tips they give in the books, plus the interviews with the contestants = AH.MAZE.ing.   Had to share!