Sunday, June 12, 2011

A bit personal...

I've spent the last few days thinking - there's not much else to do when you are doing EMS-standby's and nobody is getting hurt (this is a good thing, no matter what the EMTs say).  Through all of this thinking, I have put together a short (and I'm sure incomplete) list of things I like and don't like.  Enjoy.

I don't like...
- Rude people.
- My stubbornness.
- My overall laziness or lack of self-motivation.
- But mostly, my fear of rejection, failure, and of being alone.  This one is the killer...

I like...
- Exploring new places.  (Finding that motivation is harder than finding a place to explore...)
- Lazy Sundays (not that today was lazy, by any means...)
- Cooking for other people (but not so much for just myself...)
- Playing with new-to-me ingredients.  I have a running list of items I'd like to try out.
- The post-run high (but not so much the run itself...)
- The solitude of the woods...
- Or my Harley.  Obviously, the Harley isn't so quite, but it is the best therapy I've ever known.
- My desire to try or learn new things.  (This is also a downfall... a very expensive downfall.)

- And most recently, I have realized how much I like gals with brown hair longer than shoulder-length, and freckles.  Man, do freckles attract...  Too bad the age difference and physical distance is as large as it is, as I think I have found my version of perfection.

I've been putting together a list of goals, too, but that will have to wait for another evening.  Oh-dark-thirty comes real quick... G'night!