Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Year's Foodie Resolutions

I saw someone else do something like this on their own blog - instead of coming up with resolutions that involved giving things up after the excesses of the holidays, they would plan positive resolutions based on all the food related activities they enjoy - and decided to do the same. I've never been one for making, or keeping, resolutions, so maybe a more positive spin on it will help keep my focus.

1. Go to as many local Farmer's Markets as I can find. Try something new every time. Consider non-local markets, as well (road trip?).
2. Make 1 new recipe a week, whether from the Cookbook Cook-Along or not.
3. Do an olive oil tasting - buy a bunch of different oils, then try them all in one sitting. Keep notes. Try in different ways - fresh, over salad; as a base for a sauce; for cooking; etc.
4. Make my own herbal-oils and vinegars.
5. Make my own wine.
6. Make a batch of Lemoncello.
7. Once a month, make a stew, roast, etc. and freeze it in serving-sizes.
8. Read more cooking magazines / blogs / books.
9. Watch more Food Network shows. There's still much to be learned.
10. Play with all of my kitchen gadgets!
11. Go to 1 restaurant per new city I visit, whether famous or not. Order food I wouldn't normally order.
12. Cook a meal completely from what's on hand once a week.

I figure a dozen is enough...let's see how many I can accomplish!