Tuesday, December 23, 2008

JobSeeker Resume Tip

JobSeeker Resume Tip: Get Schooled
One of the standard, unmovable pillars of a good resume is the Education section. Employers look here to see whether you've gone to college or culinary school, and if so, whether you graduated or earned any honors or awards. Certainly a formal education looks good on a resume, but what if you developed your skills outside the classroom? You don't need to leave the education section blank. Instead, title it "Educational Experience" and list various jobs, internships, and stages you've had, and give a few concrete details about what you learned at each. If you spent a summer cooking at a lobster shack in Maine, then you've learned about a regional American cuisine, and the relationship between fisherman and chef. Time spent as a commis in a traditional French kitchen means plenty of practice picking herbs and chopping vegetables, as well as an intimate understanding of the kitchen management hierarchy. Remember, all experience is education at the core, and you just need to show employers that you've taken every opportunity to learn, whether in a kitchen or a school.

from www.starchefs.com