Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jobseeker Resume Tip

Jobseeker Resume Tip: Just for Reference
Everyone wants to have an impressive list of references to hand out to any prospective employer who asks. So of course, you should put down everyone you've worked with, right? Well, maybe not. Your reference list should contain people who worked with you, preferably your superiors, who had direct daily contact with you and can speak honestly about your character and work habits. Never ask anyone to lie about you, since that will only cause you more trouble when the truth comes out. Before you include them in the list, you should always ask whether you can use someone as a reference. Most people will say yes, but be prepared with a back-up choice if someone declines. If you don't ask, you risk having that employer call a reference who's surprised by the call - at best. Ask a boss or supervisor to be a reference for you just before you leave a job, and make sure you're leaving on good terms. If you're applying for a new job and haven't spoken to a few people on your list of references in over a year, take a few minutes to call them and let them know you're applying for jobs and they can expect a few employers to call. This is also a great chance to make sure you still have the correct contact information for them. You'll look unprofessional if your references can't be reached, and yes, employers really do check references! Include a minimum of three references on your list, but not more than five. For each reference, give a phone number where he or she can be reached, their employment information, and a statement of how you know them.