Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jobseeker Cover Letter Tip

Jobseeker Cover Letter Tip: Sell Your Story
In today's chilly economic climate, it takes an extraordinary application to warm an employer's heart. That's why developing a strong narrative in your cover letter is so important: it helps the employer see you as a real person with pertinent experience, and helps keep you in mind. Come hiring time, the narrative of your career will make a much more convincing case than your resume. You've got to show that you own your experience, that you've digested what you've learned, by presenting it as a narrative. This is a time-honored tip from successful advertisers and brand managers, who know that in order to sell a product, they must first create a compelling narrative for the brand. To get started, think of three specific events that drive your career story. Did you win a mixology competition, receive an unusual compliment on your béarnaise, succeed with a tricky charcuterie recipe, develop a new pastry technique, or travel to an exotic location for your craft? Then jot down one thing you learned from each of those events, and how it's made you a better candidate for the job. Then any prospective employer who reads your cover letter will have an immediate sense of who you are and how you work, and they'll be sold on your story.