Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jobseeker Career Tip

Jobseeker Career Tip: Hold On to What You've Got
The economy is shaky these days, and job losses are high - but you don't need us to tell you that. You already know that those of us whose companies are weathering the storm are lucky. If you have a job right now, even if it's not your dream job, you might want to consider keeping it a little longer than you originally planned. And since employers looking to cut budgets and increased competition from the recently unemployed can threaten your job security, you'll have to work harder to stay hold on to your job. But you'll also have to work smarter to prove you're still the best person for the job. Think of ways to make yourself indispensible to your restaurant or hotel. Take the lead in a guerrilla marketing campaign, develop cost-conscious recipes, control spending, reduce food waste, step up service - anything that shows you understand the economic situation and will strive to make it through. Not only will you be more valuable than ever, you'll also be taking real steps to ensure your company stays solvent. Don't be shy about your accomplishments, either. Tell your boss what you're doing, and ask if there's anything else you can take on to boost the company. True, times are tough, but if you act wisely, you can hold on until the economy is steady again.