Wednesday, December 24, 2008

JobSeeker Interview Tip

JobSeeker Interview Tip: The Second Time Around
So you've had your first interview and you nailed all the questions and felt a real rapport with your prospective employer. Great! But that's not the end of the selection process - you still need to ace that follow-up interview, and that's a little bit different. You know you're in the top tier of candidates if a manager or restaurant owner asks you back, so that means your competition is stiffer. The employer knows you can do the job, and now they're figuring out whether you'll fit into their team. Get ready for more specific questions about your work history, skills, and goals. You might even be asked to cook if you're applying for a kitchen position, so be sure to have a recipe or two in mind so you can put a dish together on the fly. The follow-up interview is also your chance to see whether you really think you want the job. Take note of the work environment and atmosphere. Do the current employees seem like people you'd like to work with? Do they seem to like working there? Does the cuisine mesh with your style? Is there room for advancement? Can you see yourself there in 5 years? Keep in mind that the second interview is often the last step before an offer is made, so take some time to go over the pros and cons of the position after you get home. In your thank-you note, you should affirm your interest in the job or gracefully withdraw yourself from consideration.