Wednesday, December 24, 2008

JobSeeker Interview Tip

JobSeeker Interview Tip: Keep Cool Under Fire
Everyone feels a little nervous going into an interview - it's perfectly natural. The key is to keep calm despite your nerves so you can focus on the interview. Employers will ask you certain questions not only to find your answer, but also to gauge how you respond to a stressful situation. That's not to say they'll grill you about your references or quiz your knowledge of knife sharpening techniques. They're just looking to see whether you can give a clear answer when they ask you standard questions like how you describe yourself, why you're leaving your current position, what you had for dinner last night, or where you see yourself in 5 years. Think about what you'd say to these questions before you go in, and take a 5-second pause before you answer. Then you'll be able to at least appear cool and collected no matter how nervous you feel. And keep in mind that your interviewer is probably nervous, too. If that thought doesn't calm you down, at least you know your nerves are in good company.