Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Cook-along: The Rules

Catchy name, huh? :-)

Well, tonight I am planning to cook the first of many recipes from my cookbook collection. Before I do, let's lay down some ground rules. But keep in mind, all rules are created to be broken, and I am well-known for breaking them. :-)

The Rules:
1. Recipes do not need to be selected in any specific order. Random selections is acceptable. Selections can be made for ease, for a specific ingredient, for cost-effectiveness that utilizes what's on hand, or by closing my eyes and opening the cookbook to a random page. Basically, anything goes.
2. Recipe must be followed as closely as possible. Rare ingredients will need to be searched for. If an item is out of season, it may be substituted with a reasonable replacement, or the recipe should be put on hold until the item is in season again. Just because I don't like an item is no reason to not include it, either...this is not kindergarten.
3. When listing a price for an item that could be used in multiple recipes, the price will only be given when it was purchased, with subsequent recipes listing it as "on hand". For example, if a spice was purchased for a recipe yesterday, and I need it for a recipe today, the price will only be included in yesterday's recipe. Confused yet?
4. Time to prep and cook will be listed whenever I remember to keep track. These times will include "learning curve" times, as well...with a notation stating what was learned. I'm not afraid to admit my failures.
5. I will also include my ratings as far as ease of cooking, whether I had the proper tools on hand, and of course, any comments about the finished product.
6. No recipe from a published book will be included in this blog. That wouldn't be fair to the author, since they wouldn't be earning money from it. And I'm pretty sure it's illegal, too. Besides, I don't have the time to type all those recipes into here. Go buy the books.

Coming soon! Recipe #1: Spaghetti alla Ceci
To do something different than my norm for my first meal, I have chosen Spaghetti alla Ceci from Rachael Ray's "Express Lane Meals" (page 24-25). I've never had chick peas, so far as I know, so this should be an interesting meal.