Monday, July 21, 2008

JobSeeker Networking Tip

JobSeeker Networking Tip: Stay in Touch
Whenever possible, stay in touch with people you've worked with in the past. You need to do this for obvious practicalities - getting letters of reference, record of employment, tax documents - but there are also some fringe benefits. Maybe it will occur to you a few months after you leave that you need a client's phone number, or you'll want a recipe, or advice on tabletop purveyors. Just drop a line every six months or so to keep the communication channels open. It will be much easier to contact your former place of work when you need something if you make sure they still remember you. And if they remember you, they'll be more likely to recommend you for any interesting projects or jobs they hear about. Keeping in touch with past employers also makes you more attractive to prospective employers. First, they'll see that you're friendly, stable, and take your job personally, and they can expect that you'll keep in touch with them when the time comes for you to move on. The thing to remember is that when you change jobs, you don't change contacts. And of course, you know you can always stop by when you're in the neighborhood for a friendly chat and maybe even a free drink.