Monday, July 14, 2008

JobSeeker Cover Letter Tip


JobSeeker Cover Letter Tip: Your Resume's Best Friend
If you've been following the JobSeeker tips from the start, you probably have a clear and concise resume written by now. That's half the battle - but you still need to get the employer's attention with a great cover letter. The two documents work hand-in-hand in the application process. Some employers won't consider candidates who don't include a cover letter, so make sure you send one with every application. This serves as your introduction to a future employer, so keep that in mind, and be personal but respectful. This isn't a quick email to an acquaintance, so make sure you use proper spelling and punctuation. Tailor the letter for each job, and when possible, address it to the person who posted the ad. Mention your immediate background, what about the job interests you, which skills you can bring to the job, and suggest meeting to discuss your qualifications. A great cover letter makes the employer want to read your resume, so remember to keep them together. After all, it'd be a shame to split up this winning pair.