Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JobSeeker Interview Tip

JobSeeker Interview Tip - Don't forget to interview them back!
The job offer itself is rests on what the employer thinks of you, but the success of the job lies in what you think of the employer and position. If you care about the company and your work there, odds are you'll do a better job. Before you go to the interview, make a list of a few things that are important to you in a job. How friendly do you get with your coworkers? Do you like cooking the same things every day or are you excited by changing menus? How long a commute are you willing to make? Do you like to manage your own time and tasks, or are you more productive when someone else handles the scheduling? What kind of compensation package do you want? Once you're in the interview, ask about all of those things. You could even ask to for contact information for the person who last held the position to get a more in-depth idea of what the job entails day-to-day, and what the work environment is like. It's better to find out as much as possible about a job before you accept it than to open yourself to unpleasant surprises.

From www.starchefs.com