Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To-Make List

Good morning!

Ok, I should warn everyone that I am a little slap-happy right now. I got talked into taking the overnight shift last night, and I was up until very early in the morning… so the lack of sleep, combined with the two cups of coffee I’ve had trying to keep my eyelids open, is making for some interesting conversations this morning. :-)

Java, java, java, java, java, java...
I realized last night that I haven’t updated recently on my running. Unfortunately, part of that reason is because I haven’t been training. <sigh> The heat got to me, and I couldn’t bring myself to go work out in the sauna that was Maryland for most of July. However, I did go out yesterday morning for a good 3 ½ miles, and let me tell you! After you take nearly two weeks off, your lungs don’t like you much when you start again! Wow. But surprisingly, I didn’t have any of the ankle or calf pain I had been having, so maybe some good did come of it after all.

I also decided to simplify my Garmin usage. I had been using the manual lap function, so I could track when I took walk breaks, when I ran, etc., but I decided to just let it record in 1-mile increments. MUCH simpler, and actually, a bit faster, too. Comparing data, I found that I walked less with it on autolap, most likely because with the manual mode, I was “rounding” times… you know - “ok, I’ll walk for two minutes” instead of just walking until my heart rate dropped back into zone. Plus, it allowed me to let my mind wander a bit more, too, which helped with the boredom. I’m curious to see how I do on a longer run…
In the little spare time I’ve had the past three or four days, I’ve tried to catch up on my Google Reader subscriptions. And the only thing I can say about that is I now have a TON of recipes on my “to make” list! Since I haven’t really cooked anything worth blogging about in a while, I figured I would share a few of the links (and their respective recipes) with you here. If anyone makes any of these, let me know, I’d be curious if they are as good as they sound.
J’s “To Make” List
Chelsey’s Marinara Sauce

I think KNOW I need a bigger kitchen.  But until then… keep those knives up!