Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rendezvous 2011

As I’ve written about before, last weekend, my motorcycle club had our annual rendezvous gathering. Chapters from all across the country, indeed, from around the world, come together for one long weekend. We ride, we eat, we drink (of course) and most of all, we bond and connect. It’s always a great time getting to know new friends, catching up with old friends, and seeing a new city together.

This year, Rendezvous was held in Newburgh, New York. So close to the CIA, but since the campus was closed for summer break, didn’t even try to get over there. But the area we stayed in, while not the nicest of areas, had some beautiful riding. Since I am not a great writer, I will just let a few pictures tell the story…
Air National Guard Base

OCC's new shop

Vinny's shop

Jr's truck at his shop

Vinny and Cody at Jr's shop

Photo op with the Warthogs

Santa's new ride

My next ambulance...

Complete with cot.

We will never forget you.

9/11 Tribute wall

Two of Frederick City's finest

Warthogs take over OCC

Somewhere along the Hudson