Sunday, August 7, 2011

Discovery Saturday!

Yesterday was an odd day.  I worked a medic unit from 1800-0600 on Friday night, through to Saturday morning... and didn't touch my bunk.  I was dead tired when I got home, so I crawled into bed, canceling my bike ride I had planned.  I purposely woke up at 11, so I could get to the post office before they closed... after I ate some grub, I headed down to Frederick to run some errands.

This is where discoveries started to occur...

Discovery #1:  While slowly walking through Borders, saying my silent goodbyes to my favorite store, I came across a few authors I had heard of before but never found any books for.  Into my cart went Wendy Lyn Watson's "Scoop to Kill", Livia J. Washburn's "Killer Crab Cakes" and "The Pumpkin Muffin Murder", Sheila Connolly's "One Bad Apple", and Riley Adams' "Finger Lickin' Dead."  I had heard of each of these authors at different times, namely because they write fictional stories (mostly murder mysteries...) with a foodie twist.  Some take place in restaurants, some involved poisoned food, murderous chefs, or just have good recipes in them.  Obviously, I haven't read them yet, but soon as I do, I'll give a review...  Oh, and I also picked up a biography on Julia Child, "Appetite for Life" by Noel Riley Fitch.  Think that might be the first one I read... I mean, gotta pay homage to the Queen of the Kitchen, right?!

Discovery #2:  Wegmans.  They opened one up in Frederick about a month ago, and honestly, I wasn't interested.  From the stories I had heard, it sounded like an overpriced, over hyped, and over shopped store.  Not.  Me.  But... yesterday, I succumbed.  One word - WOW.  It's HUGE!!

Fresh foods.  Seafood counter.  Meat counter.  Deli counter.  Sushi counter.  A cafe.  Salad bars.  Cheese counter.  Bakery.  Regular groceries.  Vegan groceries.  Gluten-free groceries.  Kitchen supplies, including a full Le Creuset display.  Catering.  Tour guides.  Ok, well, maybe not that, but geesh, they should!  I will certainly be doing a follow-up post on JUST Wegmans.  I will tour, camera in hand, and let you all see FIRST HAND how wonderful this store is!  Still in shock... why did I wait?

Discovery #3:  Yogi Castle.  Frozen yogurt at its finest.  Wow, I now know where I will be stopping on a LOT of evenings after work.  I will do another follow-up post about this, too, but let me tell you - awesomeness.  Most are fat-free, sugar-free, or low-calorie varieties.  I had a banana and peanut butter mix, with some fresh blueberries and strawberries on top.  Love at first taste.

Today has been fairly lazy, cleaning and whatnot, but who knows, the day is still young.  Have a good Sunday!