Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 1 - Saturday

(1/22/11) - 17:50
(Station Treadmill)
6 minute warm up
10 minute run / 1 minute walk (x4)
8 minute cool down

I took off an additional day, to give my ankle and calf time to do whatever it is they do... but not so certain it worked. I ran the first 10 minute with no problem, walked the minute, but then got winded halfway through the second run. I ad libbed a bit from there on out...

Lesson learned: Don't run unchecked when you are upset... the steam tends to make you go too fast for your own good.

I noticed during the second run that my right ankle was going numb... and when it does, I lose control of my foot, slamming my foot down and not able to run with proper form. I'm starting to wonder if I tie my shoes too tight or something. I'm going to need to strengthen those muscles, I think.

Also, there were far too many distractions while I was running... people kept coming up and wanting to talk. Um, hello, fat boy on a treadmill. Leave me the hell alone...

Overall, it wasn't a completely demoralizing workout... but it still leaves room for improvement.