Monday, June 23, 2008

Disaster strikes

So I've developed a habit of typing recipes into MS Word when I find one in a magazine I really like, or I copy-clip them from emails and the internet. I've accumulated a nice collection, many of which I was really looking forward to preparing someday. I keep them all on a thumb drive, a little USB-powered piece of plastic with a computer chip inside it. It usually works flawlessly, and because of its small size, I can put it in my pocket and take it with me everywhere I go. Until today. Last night, I had it plugged into my laptop, working on other things. It seemed to be working just fine. This morning, I plugged it into my work computer, to get some of those files. But alas - nothing. I tried a different USB port. Nothing. Went to the car, fired up the laptop, and tried it there. Nothing. Disk not formatted. Checking the properties of the disk, it shows that over 55% of the disk is "full", which means the info is still there. I just need to find someone who can access the stored info. I hate technology.

On a different note, I have started looking into hydroponic gardening. I saw a special on Disney World's restaurants last night, and they have a massive hydroponic greenhouse that grows most of their vegetables, herbs, etc. They didn't show a lot of detail on the show, but they had glorious tomato plants, huge bunches of herbs, and lots and lots of other things growing. My vision for the future is expanding - beyond my site picture, I am sure - to include a restaurant that grows its own fruits and vegetables, offers classes on gardening, or something similar. The possibilities are endless, really. I am still trying to find some more info on Disney's greenhouse, though. More to come, I am sure.