Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick update

This is Carnival week for our small town, which means lots of craziness.  I am on an ambulance or a medic unit every single evening this week... on top of my training, and my normal work-week.  Can we say "exhaustion"? 

My training is coming along nicely... I had to cut Saturday's run short, though.  I was feeling some pain in my leg and my back, and decided it was best to not push it.  I went out again on Monday morning, and felt good, so not sure what that was all about.  And it's nice to see that my endurance is starting to get back to where I want it... that Garmin sure does help in keeping track of information, too!

After yesterday's workout, I made myself a quick smoothie - non-fat yogurt, skim milk, half a banana, some frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, and some chia seeds.

It didn't look very appetizing, but thankfully, it tasted good!  I couldn't find a mug to put it in so I could enjoy while I drove to work, but I had an empty salsa jar sitting there - worked like a charm!

Then it dawned on me, I have about three dozen Mason Jars, of different sizes, just sitting in storage.  Gonna need to dig those out...

Last night, I visited wally world - I know, but it was my last resort.  As I walked through the housewares section, I noticed a few neat looking bowls.  And since they were so cheap (two were $1.50 ea, and two others were $3 ea...) I couldn't resist.  Soon as I get them washed up, I'll start enjoying food out of something a bit more colorful!

That's it for now... stay hydrated, it's hot and humid out there.