Monday, July 25, 2011

The heat wave

Last week was MISERABLE.  I don't think it ever dropped below 90 degrees, from Tuesday until yesterday.  Horrible weather to be trying to train for a marathon in... so needless to say, I haven't trained.

Hell has officially ascended to Earth...
I went out this morning, though.  Did a new loop, which utilizes a small nature trail my town has.  It's mostly flat, has wood chips, and runs through some wooded area along a small creek.  It's a nice run, and the woodchips let me run a bit harder than I normally would, which is great for getting the heart started in the mornings.  But this morning, I could tell that it had been five days since I ran.  My lungs weren't the issue, but my legs and especially my right ankle, felt stiff and sore.  Even now, six hours later, my ankle is still a bit sore.  But I will keep on keeping on... not much else I can do.

I just wish this blistering heat would go away... haha