Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 4 - Monday (Decent day)

(2/7/11) - 17:15
(Random route through town)
Slow and easy... NO PAIN PLEASE!
Very slow, a little discomfort, but all in all, ok.
45 min. / 3.15 miles / random intervals, as needed
Avg pace of 14:03 (12:15 running pace, 20ish walking pace)

So today wasn't too bad. I didn't bring the interval timer. I just strapped on my iPod, and headed into the misty road. Running (ok, more like slow jogging...) in the rain and the music in my ears sure helped to distract me. I had a little bit of discomfort in my shins and ankles, but for the most part, no big problems. I did notice a bit of discomfort in my chest - more of a sharp pain than anything else, but I am "watching" it... if it doesn't get better soon, I will head to the station and check myself on the Lifepak.

The biggest change for me was that I did "as needed" intervals. If I felt winded, I walked, if I felt pain getting bad, I walked. When the pain felt relaxed, or when my heart rate came back down, I started jogging again. It seemed to work pretty good, too, so I think I may just keep doing that instead of trying to follow some set plan.