Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clothing rant

I was out running some errands today, and stopped in at the local Big Box sporting goods store to look at what they had in running clothes. What a disappointment.

First off, they are a HUGE Nike supporter. Not that I am truly “against” Nike, but I have always heard that they employ children in their workshops and such, and would like to avoid that… hard to do when they are the only thing around, I know, but still.

Secondly, and I have noticed this at dedicated running stores, too, it seems all running clothing is sized for either really big people or really small people. I am 6'-4", 240 pounds. Not small, by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I only wear a 40" waist with freakin' long-ass legs. But by the time I get a pair of pants that fit my legs, I could act as a second sail for an America's Cup sailboat just by stretching the top of the pants out! Stupid. Same with shirts, too - by the time I get a shirt that fits my shoulders, it's a blimp at the waist.

Sad, really. I walked out without buying anything. That is a good thing, I know, but still, it would be nice if I could at least ATTEMPT to look like a runner...