Monday, February 21, 2011


I know I've been lax in my writing, and most of that was because I wasn't feeling motivated to actually run. In truth, I think I was avoiding it. But that changes now...

Sunday, I attended a ChiRunning half-day workshop in D.C. UH-MAZE-ing! I learned so much about what I was doing wrong, and how to correct it. In just four short hours, instructor Lloyd Henry from On Point Fitness worked his magic and had most of the class running gracefully, pain-free, and naturally! It was the best course I've taken for sheer "ah-hah" moments.

I know I need to maintain the running form focuses, and I need to work on getting my endurance up. But I am completely motivated to keep this going. Of course, it doesn't help that tonight we're expecting somewhere around 6-8" of snow... but hopefully I can get my run in before it starts.