Friday, December 10, 2010


Hello and thank you to all who bother to read... my name is Jason. In a nutshell, I am overweight, out of shape, and I want to change that. I've watched a few of my friends when they go running, I've listened to them tell stories the day after a big race or event, and frankly, I want to be included in that "group". So I've begun to run... as clumsy as I might feel.

I've met with some resistance as I've begun, and those "insiders" have proven to be fairly "exclusive" which has been a disappointment, but the desire is still there. Some of my setbacks have been physical - I have a recurring issue with sin splints and ankle pain. I've recently taken a 2-week hiatus to let things heel up, and I plan to start again... from the beginning. In my time off, I have discovered and begun to study Chi Running (see for more information). I have yet to apply the principles I have read about and watched, but am hopeful that this new style will help alleviate my pain problems...

To motivate me, I have set a few goals... my first goal, which sounds simple to those who have been running for more than a month, is to run a 5k race... without walking. For me, that feels like a huge obstacle. My "big goal" for 2011, though, is to run in the Marine Corps Marathon in October. So long as I don't putz around too much, I should be able to get into shape and make a go at it safely, without risking too much damage to pride or body. And obviously, through all of this, I hope to lose some weight and start leading a more fit lifestyle.

If you please to follow me as I run back into a shape other than "round", I welcome you... perhaps we shall meet on the trail some day... but until then, have a good evening.