Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Life is still hectic. The divorce finalizes in November. I miss her so much that it hurts to even see her. The house should settle the end of October. Which means I have had to pack up everything I own, put most of it in storage so that the house would sell easier, and then try to FIND a new place to live. As it looks, I am most likely going to be in an apartment again (gag). I will be able to save some money, pay off some debt, and hopefully get my life back on track.

I had been looking at some townhouses, feeling that owning would give me a better sense of self-worth, but they are expensive, and my parents are right - I don't know that I want to lock into living in this area for the long-term. Who knows what might come to be. However, cheaper living arrangements DOES mean there should be extra money for buying I expect my cooking to pick up drastically once I get settled into the apartment.

I will be more active here when things have settled down. Until then, keep those knives up.