Monday, September 22, 2008

CIA Open House

What an interesting day I had this past Friday. I spent most of the day driving...NOT the interesting part. However, the 5 hours I spent in between the 4 1/2 hour driving sessions was the best in a long time.

I arrived at the Culinary Institute of America about an hour early, so I drove around campus. The photos in the brochures don't do the campus justice, at all. Absolutely gorgeous.

After signing in, there was a light lunch served - samplings of some fine foods prepared by CIA students, I'm sure. I didn't know lunch would be served and had eaten already, so I only sampled a few of the offerings, but I didn't hear a single negative - and it all looked like artwork.

The required welcome speaches and promotional videos followed. Standard fare. But after that, we split into groups for campus tours. This was the best part of it. I wish I remembered our tour guide's name, but she was a wealth of knowledge. She was able to give minute details about the campus, the school, and even about the different degree programs. Highly informative, and cute to boot!

After the tour, we regrouped in the admissions building for a cooking demonstration. It was amazing - a simple dish, a short demo, but it was a taste of life as a CIA student. That concluded the Open House and the group dispersed. Camera in hand, I wandered around the main part of campus - Roth Hall (pictured above), Anton Plaza (in front of Roth Hall above), and the Colavita Center (pictured below). Absolutely beautiful architecture, and what a learning atmosphere! When they say "we do food" they ain't kiddin'!!!

Walking around campus, I started to day dream about being a student there. Rushing across campus, knife set under arm, to get to class on time. Sitting with friends in Anton Plaza, discussing the day's lessons. Swimming or playing basketball at the gym. Ahh, what a day dream. But alas, finances keep me in reality. But it does give me a goal. Hands down, I want to attend the Culinary Institute of America. No questions about it...