Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stuck in the middle...

How pathetic is our society?!?

I'm sitting here, at the station, watching Food Network. The usual. Then a commercial for a new show comes on. The Chef Jeff Project.

Apparently, this chef is going to take a crew of misfits landed in jail, kids stuck in juvie, that sort of thing. People way down and low. K, cool. Then he's going to give them a culinary experience on par with cooking school, turning them all into chefs. Nice.

Here I am. A Master's Degree. Decent salary. But not enough to pay for my own culinary education. But because of the degree and the salary, I don't qualify for assistance either. Nice.

So basically, society likes to award those that do nothing with their life, yet punish those that have stayed clean, done their best and just want to change. Gee, why am I doing the "right" thing, then? Pathetic. I should just go rob wally world or something, so I can land in jail and get the training I want...for free!

Sorry, had to vent...