Monday, August 25, 2008

JobSeeker Interview Tip

JobSeeker Interview Tip: Ask not what your employer can do for you...Ask what you can do for your employer!
Employers are always looking for problem solvers - people who can improve their operation with hard work and great ideas. Before you go in for an interview, do a little research into the restaurant or hotel (internet searches are great for this) and get an idea of their cuisine, style, and areas they might want to improve. Make a list of at least three things they need that you can bring to the job. So if you're applying as a chef at a hip but poorly-reviewed bistro, you'll want to stress how you can help the quality of their food match their d├ęcor to get great reviews and fill seats. Maybe you can even stop by for a drink or meal to gauge service and presentation and think of ways you could help. Remember to be constructive and positive when you present your ideas! You don't want to give the impression you think poorly of their restaurant and want to change it all. You want to make sure they know that you are already thinking of how well you could work together.