Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do or die time...

Praying I don't die.

Well, there's not much time left now... tomorrow, I drive down to pick up my race pack. I plan to walk or drive the race course, if I can, just so I have a bit of knowledge of where I will be running. After that, I am planning to stop by the National Marathon's race expo, in DC. Hey, it's on the way home, anyways... :-)

Not sure how I feel. Not great, for sure, but not certain if it'll be good or bad. I have been taking it easy, so my legs should be rested. But I fear the pain... it almost seems inevitable at this point, though. I know I will finish, I just don't know how much walking there will be... and how fast I'll be moving the next day.

More to follow... (unless I die...)